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Les grands moments des blogues du CÉPI, partie 3 : Développement international

Après une période turbulente pour le programme d’aide international – période qui connut le fusionnement de l’Agence Canadienne de Développement International (ACDI) avec le Ministère du Affaires Étrangères et du Commerce International – l’année 2013-14 a vu les bloggeurs du CÉPI réfléchir sur les dépenses du Canada en développement ainsi que sur les… Read More

The Scottish Independence Referendum: How Did It Come About?

By Richard Wyn Jones, Cardiff University. On the 18th of September, the Scottish electorate will go to the polls to vote on the proposition “Should Scotland be an independent country?” Remarkably, it’s only now that the rest of the world – and indeed, even the rest of the UK – is beginning to wake up to the possible implications of the Scottish independence ref… Read More

Social Media and the Rise of Scholar-Blogging

By Mira Sucharov, Department of Political Science, Carleton University As the prominence of social media in society intensifies, the question of how scholars can most effectively engage in the public sphere has taken on new significance. In a piece in PS: Political Science & Politics earlier this year, Brent Sasley and I looked at how various commitm… Read More

Canada Needs to Reconnect with its Diplomatic Tradition

The Harper government’s neglect of diplomacy has resulted in a largely ineffective foreign policy that has not served Canada’s interests, argues CIPS director Roland Paris in this video clip. His remarks were part of a panel discussion organized by Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute on June 23, 2014. A full video of the discussi… Read More

Policy Experts Submit Report to NATO Secretary General

In March 2014, the secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, appointed ten independent policy experts to a panel and asked them to provide advice on the future of the transatlantic bond. The panel included a Canadian: CIPS Director Roland Paris. On June 10, the group presented its report to Secretary-General Ra… Read More

Quick Take: What’s the Significance of Ukraine/Russia So Far?

What’s the most significant outcome to date of developments in Ukraine/Russia? CIPS faculty were invited to give brief responses to this question—still very much a development in progress, as many of them point out. Here’s a range of strikingly disparate takes on the meaning of the Ukraine/Russia crisis from a lineup of our expert scholars. Contributors… Read More

The Ottawa Forum: Rethinking Canada’s International Strategy

(Cet évènement se déroulera en anglais.) It’s been almost a decade since Canada conducted a foreign policy review. The Ottawa Forum on May 23-24, co-organized by CIPS and the Canadian International Council, will bring together some of Canada’s most insightful “next generation” policy thinkers and most experienced policy pr… Read More

Canada Makes Palestinian Human Rights a Pawn in Mideast Peace Talks

As John Kerry’s deadline fast approaches for concluding a ‘Framework Agreement’ in the resuscitated Israel-Palestine negotiations, few are optimistic. Those disparaging the deal, or even the need for a deal, appear to have the upper hand in both camps.  The Obama administration, newly preoccupied with Russia and with mounting security challenges in A… Read More

NATO, China and Afghanistan at the Security-Development Nexus

By Kirsten Van Houten and Benjamin Zyla Since the U.S.-led invasion that toppled the Taliban in 2001, NATO has provided extensive security and development assistance to Afghanistan. While NATO is slated to withdraw from Afghanistan later this year, the international community must stay involved in the development and conflict mitigation processes th… Read More

Diplomatic Prospects for Supporting Democracy Development

By Jeremy Kinsman, University of California and Ryerson University Jeremy Kinsman will be speaking at the CIPS panel ‘Is Democracy Rising or Receding?’ on February 14, 2014. From its inception in 2007, the international project A Diplomat’s Handbook for Democracy Development Support (now in its third edition) has produced a fact- and interview-based a… Read More