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L’émergence du smart power transatlantique

Par Michael E. Lambert, chercheur invité au Centre d’études en politiques internationales  L’année 2015 s’impose comme celle des négociations sur la mise en place du TTIP et du rapprochement entre les États-Unis et l’Union européenne. Dans les faits, le Traité transatlantique est présenté comme un moyen de stimuler l’économie européenne et amé… Read More

International Aid Transparency: Cui Bono?

By Catherine Weaver (University of Texas at Austin and Innovations for Peace and Development) and Josh Powell (Development Gateway and AidData, Washington, DC) Over the past decade, the international aid transparency movement has made considerable progress in opening the information spigots, firmly bringing the big data revolution to the nearly $20… Read More

To Understand International Security, Consider Social Relations

By Jarrod Hayes, School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech The world is a complex place. Social tides ebb and flow, diverse social systems interacting with agency to produce an ever-shifting mix of international challenges. This is all the more true in the post-Cold War global context, with the apparent stability of the rivalry between the United Sta… Read More


An International Election That Canada Can Help to Fix

By David Petrasek and Allan Rock Published in the Toronto Star, February 24, 2015 The emergence of potential candidates reminds us that the 2016 race for the White House has already begun. Canadians will watch the American contest in fascination and frustration, aware that although the choice has momentous consequences for Canada, we are mere spectators… Read More

Sending Lethal Weapons to Ukraine May Not Be the Answer

Roland Paris appeared on the Sunday morning broadcast The West Block with Tom Clark to discuss the question on whether Western countries should send lethal weapons to help the Ukrainian government. Paris noted that there were no good policy options for the West in Ukraine. The main problem with supplying lethal weapons, he said, is that it could prompt Russ… Read More

Baird Improved Over Time, But Ultimately Fell Short

By Colin Robertson This is one of a series of CIPS Blog posts examining the legacy of John Baird as Canada’s foreign minister. See also the posts by Peter Jones, Ferry de Kerckhove and David Petrasek. John Baird arrived at the Pearson Building in May 2011 as an experienced minister and accomplished, if partisan, parliamentarian. Naturally curious an… Read More

Les grands moments des blogues du CÉPI, partie 3 : Développement international

Après une période turbulente pour le programme d’aide international – période qui connut le fusionnement de l’Agence Canadienne de Développement International (ACDI) avec le Ministère du Affaires Étrangères et du Commerce International – l’année 2013-14 a vu les bloggeurs du CÉPI réfléchir sur les dépenses du Canada en développement ainsi que sur les… Read More