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Unlike Canadian Expats Living Abroad, Non-Citizen Residents Are Directly Impacted by our Laws, Yet Have No Say in Them

By Patti Tamara Lenard Published in the National Post, July 31, 2015 Donald Sutherland is upset. He wants to vote in Canadian elections because he feels Canadian, because he has to restrain himself from saying “eh?” and because he’s a citizen. But he’s a non-resident citizen, and the Ontario Superior Court has just upheld a federal election law res… Read More


The Charter Strikes Back: A Step Forward for Refugee Rights in Canada

By Stephanie J. Silverman Almost a year after the Federal Court of Canada struck down the ban on refugee claimants’ denial of health care, a new judicial review finds that a pernicious aspect of the Conservatives’ overhaul of refugee rights is discriminatory and must end. In July 2015, Mr. Justice Boswell found a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom v… Read More

Shining a Light on Canada’s Deteriorating Human Rights Record

By Leilani Farha Published in the Toronto Star, July 13, 2015 Last May I was appointed UN Special Rapporteur on the right to housing. The goal of this position is to advance the rights of marginalized communities around the world who are homeless or living in inadequate housing. I’ve spent the last year travelling to various parts of the planet and I’ve be… Read More

The Final Push: Canada and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

By Arne Ruckert, Ronald Labonté and Ashley Schram The Trans-Pacific Partnership is nearing the end game of negotiations, creating a market of 800 million people with a combined economic clout of US$28-trillion annually. After the U.S. Congress granted fast-track authority to President Obama, a final agreement among the 12 Pacific-rim countries invo… Read More

The Summer of Cyber Attacks

Published in the Ottawa Sun, July 3, 2015 Two things can be said about Ottawa’s summer, so far. One is that it has been wet; the other is that it’s been raining cyber attacks on federal government websites. The most recent have been nuisance attacks on the website of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, conducted by a little-known group c… Read More

At Any Cost: The Injustice of the ‘4 and 4′ Rule in Canada

By Stephanie J. Silverman Published on openDemocracy, May 29, 2015 Tens of thousands of law-abiding foreign workers residing in Canada became deportable last April. This sudden vulnerability to deportation resulted from the Parliamentary passage of a small legislative change called the “cumulative duration rule”, known colloquially as the “… Read More

L’émergence du smart power transatlantique

Par Michael E. Lambert, chercheur invité au Centre d’études en politiques internationales  L’année 2015 s’impose comme celle des négociations sur la mise en place du TTIP et du rapprochement entre les États-Unis et l’Union européenne. Dans les faits, le Traité transatlantique est présenté comme un moyen de stimuler l’écon… Read More